Art Splash 2017


Kayla Borchert, Writer

Student Council will be hosting the annual Art Splash at Central Park Coffee on Friday, May 5 from 7-9 p.m. The Art Splash features talented art students and performers that aren’t usually able to show their talents at school to the full extent. This makes the Art Splash the perfect place for these creative students to show off their talents. Audience members will be able to walk around and look at the artwork of these talented students, while listening to student musicians . Admission is free, however, it is suggested to buy a coffee and snacks.

Art Splash is a fun way to support artistically and musically talented students in our school. This allows for the students to get recognized for talents that would otherwise go unnoticed by the public eye.  Sophomore Artist Kaa Smith says “Art Splash is a way to put my artwork out there instead of keeping it to myself; it is like hey this is what I can do”. The students are able to submit paintings, photography and other works of art. There is no limit to the amount of work that can be submitted. Although musicians have a limited amount of time to play, that varies depending on how many students wish to play at Art Splash.

It is not too late to sign up for Art Splash talk to a student council member or an art teacher. Students that submit a piece of art are not required to show up to the event, but should so the audience may meet the artist. The Art Splash is open to all sorts of talents and creativity. It’s a nice way to support our artistic students, while also enjoying a good cup of joe.