Note-worthy ensemble


Charity Jackson

Jazz band practices during academic support

Charity Jackson, Writer

OHS Jazz Band has had a great season spent making music and they do not plan on stopping anytime soon. With most members recently competing in one of their last band concerts, students are now able to spend more time gearing up for their upcoming April jazz performance.

There are many similarities and differences between jazz and concert band. The tones used in both bands are the same, however, the style of music is very different. Junior guitarist, Dallas Carlson said, “Concert band is more formal. In a jazz band, the formality is lost but not the musicality.” Jazz has a lot of inflections that give it its distinct style. Within jazz, there are genres such as Latin, swing, rock, funk and soul. The power and the way members length and phrase the notes vary within these sub-genres of jazz. Jazz is also different for the conductor, Mr. Peter Guenther.  Guenther said, “Usually when I’m conducting concert band, I’m constantly making sure things are under control whereas In jazz it’s up to the rhythm section, piano, bass, drums, guitar, to carry the groove of the piece.” Mr. Guenther can be found more off to the sides doing things like cueing in the players rather than sitting in front of the band and conducting them.

OHS Jazz Band has had some great performances this season. In December the band played for Toys for Tots, and in January they provided the finale for the MBO Concert. However, because of scheduling, the band will most likely not be able to attend a jazz festival this year. Their next performance is Sunday, April 14 at 7 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church.