National Pi Day at OHS


Logan McGaheran

OHS math teachers dressed up in their National Pi Day T-shirts

Solomon Havelka, Writer

In March, people celebrate National Pi Day, March 14 (or 3.14). Pi is not a dessert though, pi is a mathematical term that stands for a ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Everybody knows Pi as 3.14, but it truly goes on forever. National Pi day is a great way to give the math world a day to celebrate, but it is celebrated by the many different dessert pies you can enjoy on the 14th. 

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National Pi day is more commonly known around the world for the pie people actually talk about. The food. There are many different kinds of pies from around the world, ranging from apple pies made by your grandma that are to die for, pizza pies with all sorts of toppings, to cow pies. Owatonna, Minn. has a few great places to get some pie on National Pi day. Visits can be made to The Kernel to indulge in a homemade pie, to Perkins a place known for its pies, to what feels like 1000 pizza places around town. Junior Payton Beyer said, “My favorite kind of pie is probably French Silk pie. I love it from Gama’s house. She makes the best pies all around.” Many people do enjoy a nice homemade pie from grandmas or moms, but on National Pi Day, pizza pie can never be forgotten.

No matter what type of pies are eaten on National Pi Day, enjoying the chosen pie with loved ones is most important. But don’t forget about the math teachers.

My favorite type of pie, to be honest is any kind of pie. As long as it is good, I will eat it.”

— Izaya Vazquez

Every year, the Owatonna High School math department dresses up for National Pi day. This is the one big day a year math is talked about. Mr. James Dalgren, a math teacher at the Owatonna High School, said “I love cherry pie. But on a real note, it gives a positive outlook on math, it gives it a day that is well deserved.” National Pi day is a great day to thank math teachers for all the work they do to help us succeed in our school work and our lives. But don’t forget to enjoy a nice piece of pie.