Fortnite, still relevant?


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Lincoln Maher taking a break from playing Fortnite with his friends

Wendell Relacion, Writer

Fortnite blew the gaming scene out of the water back in late 2017. Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale that draws elements from Minecraft, PUBG and Overwatch. The game’s cartoon-like graphics helped it appeal to a wider audience. The game was simple enough to appeal to younger audiences, but there was still enough complexity to appeal to older audiences. Out of 100 players, the objective is to survive as the last team alive. According to twitchtracker, Fortnite is still top five in terms of viewership, averaging around 115,000 viewers every day this month. Chapter Two: Season Five of Fortnite brought upon new skins, emotes, harvesting tools and most importantly: Baby Yoda.

A poll was sent out to students, asking what their opinions are on Fortnite. Magnet found 73 percent of the respondents said that they have stopped playing the game. Many say there are too many players that are “try-hards.” Mason Saufferer’s favorite seasons were two and three. Saufferer said, “Game was still new and it wasn’t overrun by sweaty nine year olds.” The game has evolved from a simple battle royale where people can choose to build to create cover, to a game where the main point is to build or you simply cannot compete. A majority of the respondents also said that their favorite seasons were one, two, three and four. The game was still somewhat new. Players sometimes built, but it was not the focus of their gameplay. The main goal of the players was to be the last team standing. Eliminating the opponent before they eliminate you was the most common way of playing in the early days of Fortnite; building was never a thought in the player’s minds.

This is back when the game was fun and you could do stupid stuff and get away with it”

— Teagun Ahrens on why his favorite season was four

Senior Mason Kunkel played many seasons of Fortnite. He likes playing the game because he likes to play with his friends. His favorite seasons were two, three and four. When asked why he liked the earlier seasons, Kunkel said, “The game was actually fun and didn’t suck. Everybody is a try-hard now.” Kunkel claims he is not good at the game but he had fun playing the earlier seasons. Additionally, Kunkel said, “Back then it was just fun to play no matter how good or bad you were.” Kunkel thinks that Fortnite is not as relevant as it once was to the casual players.

Although many casual players have quit, the game is still relevant. The most recent end of season event from Fortnite pulled in over one and a half million viewers on twitch. The end of season events on Fortnite always pulls a lot of people back. These players want to see what is new to the game and try them out. Players will definitely be looking forward to seeing what Chapter Two, Season Five will bring in.

Fortnite revolutionized the gaming industry. Fortnite paved the way for games to be able to play with other platforms. This is referred to as “crossplay”. Crossplay allows people from different platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) to be able to play with each other without a problem. This change has never happened before and it is one of the most memorable times in gaming history. It’s weekly updates have also left its competitors in the dust. With the new items every week, to new game modes, to new skins, the game felt fresh and fun every week.