Mock Trial the virtual season


Kya Dixon, Writer

OHS Mock Trial looks very different this year due to COVID-19. Mock Trial is a competition based as students simulate a real court trial. Mock trial is virtual this year and done via zoom. An all virtual competition has definitely affected how the students do their trials. 

How the virus made this season different since it was all virtual. Freshman Aubri Werk said, “We had to do all our practices on google meet so it was hard to ask questions.”  In a normal season, students would be able to move around a courtroom environment, making zoom trials a unique challenge for participants. This year, instead of letting COVID-19 get in the way of mock trial plans, they’re using the pandemic to create an interesting case. Ms. Christenson, OHS Mock Trial adviser, said, “This year’s case is centered on COVID-19 and how it changed wedding plans for a young couple in northern Minnesota.” 

One of the many new team members this year who has definitely looked forward to and enjoyed mock trial is Freshman Elijah Lenon. Lenon said,“This being my first year, the new virtual set up is a great place to start.” Mock trial has so many students with so many different talents, who may have a passion for pursuing a career in law. 

Virtual meets have not slowed students’ enthusiasm for participation. Sophomore Rohit Poduval said, ”My favorite part about Mock Trial is getting a brand new case and story to work with and having to convince and prove to the jury that your client and your side deserves to win the trial, all while attempting to disprove the other team’s case.” As the season for mock trial wraps up the team has one last virtual trial on February 3.