Ginny and Georgia, Both Lovable and Likable


Netflix new series “Ginny and Georgia” released now.

Brittany Sackett, Writer

On Feb. 24 Netflix released their new series Ginny and Georgia with only 10 episodes. This show stars Georgia who is a mother of two kids. Virginia, also known as Ginny and Austin. After Georgia’s recent husband dies and her patchy past she picks her family up and moves. After many moves over their life they end up in a small suburban town in Massachusetts called Wellsbury. 

This show has many different ways of portraying high school, whether that be stereotypical which is mostly what it shows and the truth of high school and how teenagers really deal with it.  Ginny had never really made friends anywhere else she lived, but once she arrived in Wellsbury she instantly made a friend named Max. Georgia tries her best to try and fit into the community with all the other parents. When meeting with all the parents around town she quickly finds out who to steer clear from and who to keep close. Meanwhile, Ginny has met a new guy, Marcus, who turns out to be Max’s twin brother. Now stuck in a love triangle she tries to figure it all out on her own. 

Although moving around a lot, both mother and daughter feel that this place is different. As Georgia starts her new job at the mayor’s office she has to plan the new fundraiser with the plan to beat last year’s by a lot. Ginny starts to have problem’s in her new relationship with Hunter, while still thinking about Marcus in the back of her head. Georgia’s past catches up with her as many people from her past start coming back in. After discovering new things about her mother Ginny starts to question her mother and all that she has done. Georgia starts noticing a difference in Ginny’s behavior and questions her, but Ginny lashes out and it puts them in a rough spot. After a while Georgia decides to surprise Ginny with a sixteenth birthday party that doesn’t end in the way that she planned. 

 As the story goes on viewers get to see both the lives of Ginny and Georgia, and how they work out the new town with different perspectives. Ginny’s father Zion makes a surprise visit to Wellsbury, but because of his and Georgia’s past it puts tension between her and Paul’s relationship. After Ginny finds out all of Georgia’s secrets and her patchy past she makes decisions that set up the final episode.  

This show has become a very popular show in a short amount of time. Senior Elizabeth Harder says, “I would recommend this show to others because it shows that no matter how untraditional your family is, or the issues that arise, you can continue to love and support each other through anything.” With many good and little bad reviews it became one of the top shows on Netflix in only a few days. Many viewers are wishing for the second season already. Netflix recently came out saying that there will be a second season. After the cliffhanger left at the end of the last episode, many viewers will be back to enjoy the next season.