Eternals, a quirky addition to the MCU


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Eternals, the newest edition to the MCU Source: Attractions Magazine

Evan Dushek, Writer

Eternals is a very unique Marvel movie in it’s own right, likely due to the quirky nature of  Director Chloe Zhao’s films in comparison to your typical Marvel motion picture. However, this flick provided a unique feel that many marvel fans didn’t appreciate, it was still widely enjoyed by audiences around the world.

 Eternals is the highest grossing movie of November with a cumulative gross total at about 368 million and that total is still increasing. On the contrary, Eternals received the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score (48% fresh) of any film in the 13-year history of the MCU. Again, this is attributable to the lack of convergence between the MCU and director Zhao’s Eternals. 

Now, a brief overview of the plot, the movie is based on a group of superhuman beings known as the Eternals, each of which has their own interesting story to tell, aside from their unique and special abilities, the spectacular performances the cast provided gave the characters sort of an emotional or thought-provoking connection to the audience. The Eternals have been stealthily guiding humanity and fighting ravenous monsters known as Deviants in order to protect life on earth. After they have purportedly eliminated all the Deviants, they seek out to create a life of their own and develop a sense of humanity. But a potentially cataclysmic event forces them to leave the comfortable lives they’ve forged for themselves, reassemble and stop what is essentially the apocalypse.

What was great about the film was its electric cast, its outstanding visuals and (despite its rushed explanations) the density of the plot. From the very beginning when the Eternals battle the Deviants on the beach, to the very end when the Eternals have broken into a mere civil war,  the viewers were presented with jaw dropping CGI and impressive visual effects. Although the film had various flashback scenes that had seemingly zero relevance to modern day, they did provide us with the personal relationships between the Eternals which proved to be a great tool to build character depth. 

The movie moved at a very slow pace, the movie is over two and a half hours long and feels nearly interminable, yet still left a large amount of question marks for a casual viewer. Still though, this film is most definitely worth the watch, a second watch provides the full experience and answers some of those questions you’re certainly left with after your first viewing. Lastly, do not forget, “The Eternals will return” appeared on screen just before the credits rolled, so expect the announcement of a second Eternals film. 

Eternals will be streaming on Disney+ starting Jan. 22, 2022.