Subtracting the Competition


Jerome Stansky, Writer

Math League is an academic competition for high school students where math is the focal point of the content. There are five meets per year in the Big 9 Division. Each participant does two of the four individual events at each meet. A school needs eight team members to complete a team. The eight team members work individually on events A through D and then cooperatively on the team event.

The Math League team consists of only juniors and seniors. This year there are no sophomores or freshmen on the team due to the lack of school in the past two years, and because they may not know about the team. Adviser  Mr. Steve Benson said, “The lack of being in school consistently for two years has left us with talented young math students that either don’t know about it or haven’t gotten connected to it.” 

Junior Henry Bon has been the team leader in individual points for this year. Junior Lilieigh Nguyen and senior Claire Heyne also have been individuals who are scoring a large number of points. As a team they are averaging 109.4 points per competition.

This year they are all virtual, so how they do that is they meet in a room and have the competition at OHS. Since the Math League team cannot travel this year, they are still making it entertaining and fun to participate in. Nguyen said, “Even though we can’t travel to compete, we always try to make meets fun by having candy and celebrating everyone’s wins.” COVID-19 has made an impact on these academic teams and competitions, but kids are still finding a way to make it work. 

Their next and final meet will be on Monday, Feb. 14. in Benson’s room G-307.