International Nurses’ Day celebrates dedication and care


Nurse Durst and Nurse Hanson pose for a picture during their busy day. Photo by Janessa Moore

Janessa Moore, writer

In a hospital, there are many functioning roles that make the entire environment run. One of the most essential assets are nurses. Nurses have a wide range of tasks to perform every day to ensure the patient is satisfied and on the road to recovery. This year, Thursday, May 12 is International Nurses’ Day. Minnesota alone has 104,355 nurses to celebrate. This is a time where people can show their appreciation for all their consistent hard work that nurses give to their communities.  Over the last year, the world has relied on nurses to keep hospitals running in such high pressure as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here at OHS, there are two nurses, Ms. Anna Durst and Ms. Annette Hanson. These nurses are well skilled in their practice. Ms. Durst has been a licensed practical nurse (LPN) for 35 years and has previously worked at the Waseca hospital. Her favorite thing about being a nurse is helping people feel better. Nurse Durst said, “Nursing is a great career and it can take you to all kinds of different avenues.”  Also working at the OHS nurses’ office is Ms. Hanson. She has been an LPN for 14 years and previously worked at the Owatonna clinic in pediatrics. Both nurses agree it takes a lot to be in their career. Nurse  Hanson said, “You have to be a patient person, understanding, empathetic, sympathetic. You need to be able to switch tasks quickly.” These nurses make an impact at OHS and deserve to be celebrated. 

The OHS nurses play a crucial role in keeping the school operating successfully. In a day, they have many responsibilities. In the morning, they give medication to kids and then again at lunch. Also during the day, they have other procedures to perform like a feeding tube. Other than their set schedule, they help kids who are injured or feeling sick throughout the school day. They properly assess the patient’s affliction and give them the care they need. Senior Auna Johnson says, “The nurses make me feel welcomed and that they genuinely care about my health”. These responsibilities are just a few responsibilities that come with being a nurse, and for that these nurses and nurses everywhere deserve a day of celebration.