OHS raises over four thousand dollars for the Canopy Center in the 2022 Cash Drive


Ruby Garza

Seniors Ella Hayes and Emma Myer hold up money at the kickoff pep fest.

Jillian Stauffer, Writer

The OHS Cash Drive came to an end, with a grand total of $4,057.77 raised for the Canopy Center of Madison, Wisconsin. Students had numerous opportunities to contribute to this donation with activities such as the pep fest, lunch activities, basketball extravaganza, the art splash, the NHS pickleball tournament and class competitions. 

The week started out strong with nearly $700 of this total raised at the cash drive kickoff pep fest alone. Students were encouraged to put their spare cash in buckets to raise enough money to be able to wax Coach Eggermont’s legs. They surpassed the goal of $200 in two minutes by far. On Thursday night, National Honor Society hosted their large group service project for the year, the pickleball tournament. This event raised an additional four hundred dollars for the Canopy Center.

Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to compete against other second hour classes with the winner getting a breakfast bar by raising the most money as a class. These class competitions raised a total of $1999.21 for the Canopy Center. The winning classes are Mr. Dinse, Ms. Gray and Mr. Guenther”s second hour classes. 

We’re just hoping to get as much as we can for a good cause.

— Lileigh Nguyen

There was no set goal for the amount of money Student Council was hoping to raise during this year’s cash drive. Senior Student Council President Lileigh Nguyen said, “We’re just hoping to get as much as we can for a good cause.” Students can know their money will be going to a good cause as this amount of money raised will make a tremendous impact in the lives of many children. The Canopy Center will use this donation of over $4,000 to provide food and housing to victims who have lost their homes due to child abuse.