OHS Concert Choir singing their way through Minneapolis


Sky Krenzelok

OHS Concert Choir practices for their upcoming tour in Minneapolis.

Lauren Bangs, Writer

The Owatonna Concert Choir is going on a trip to show off their vocal skills in Minneapolis. They will have the opportunity to sing in many popular locations such as Target Center and Basilica of Saint Mary along with other schools. This trip will help them learn and grow as a school choir, and allow them to improve throughout the rest of the year and into the future.

The OHS choir decided to take this trip to add something new to their agenda and get their voice heard. From Saturday, Jan. 28 – Monday, Jan. 30, they will be traveling and staying in hotels together as they get to experience learning from other choirs. Not only will the students get the chance to sing in such amazing places, but they will also be able to have some fun along the way going to places including going to the Grand Slam, sledding at Buck Hill and visiting Chanhassen Dinner theater where they will enjoy watching “Footloose” with a delicious meal. Concert choir director Ms. Asmus said, “I’m looking forward to just having an opportunity for the students to grow as musicians but also just to make memories and bond because that’s what this trip is all about just having fun and making music.”

Starting off the trip, the choir will have the chance to sing at the OHS Girls hockey team on Jan. 28. The choir will then hit the road on Jan. 29 and head to the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis. They will sing for their choir, have the chance to listen to their choir and tour the Basilica. On the final day, Jan. 30, they will sing at four different locations. They start their day at Prior Lake High School where they will exchange singing with their choirs. Next, they will move to Farmington High School where they will do a similar process of getting to sing and listen to their choirs. Afterwards, the choir will travel to Bethel College to listen to an upper class choir well also being able to sing to them. They end their trip at their final stop: Target Center. They will get the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the Timberwolves game on Jan. 30.

The Owatonna Concert Choir is excited to become better musicians and sees this as a great opportunity to learn from other talented musicians. Senior Coda Richardson said, “I believe that the choir will benefit from singing in public in many different areas.” For the students and Ms. Asmus, this trip has many things to look forward to while having fun with their fellow classmates. Richardson said, “I am looking forward to singing in cool places and just going on a fun weekend trip with some friends.” While being a new addition to the choir program, OHS choir students are excited for the trip.

We’re a family and we make memories together and there’s a lot of fun things that happen.

— Ms.Paula Asmus

Thanks to COVID-19, these students lost the chance to take this trip in previous years. However, they are thankful now to have this experience before they move onto the next stage of their life. Senior Cali Hedlund said, “It’s my senior year so it’s kind of a cool way to finish off high school and tell people about my experience in the future.”

Students feel this could have an impact that extends further than just improving their musician skills. Hedlund said, “I think this trip will not only help the choir community grow closer, but more importantly, bring in more students for years in the future.” OHS Choirs are more than just singing with classmates; it creates a close knit group that together can make something beautiful. Ms. Asmus said, “We’re a family and we make memories together and there’s a lot of fun things that happen.”

Make sure to check out the OHS Concert Choir at the Owatonna Girls Hockey game on Jan. 28 at 2:40 p.m. in the Four Seasons Arena.