“Hail to the Silver, Hail to the Blue”

Commencement held for the Class of 2014

For the Owatonna High School, the 2013-2014 school year has finally come to an end after a successful graduation ceremony. With a practice bright and early on Thursday morning, the OHS graduates walked with pride as they received their diplomas. “I thought it went extremely well. Having the practice on Thursday helps and it gives the students a chance to know what they’re supposed to do,” said Owatonna principal Mr. Mark Randall. The graduates marched in to Pomp and Circumstance performed by the OHS Symphony Orchestra. Before the presentation of diplomas, a moment of silence was given for Evan Jacobson who would have graduated with this class. After that, the mood switched and Matthew VanOmmeren and Ryan Huang addressed the class with their message for the class. Then, all students walked to stage to their names being called to get their diplomas and a picture. After everything was done, the OHS grads met with friends and family outside in the sunshine for happy pictures. “There’s always some little things that we can kind of tweak and do a little bit better. Each year we try to look at what that might be,” said Randall when asked if there was something to improve for next year. When asked what he thought of commencement over all, Randall, with a smile, said, “There was a really good flow to it and everything really went as planned.” With four long years finally behind them, the 2014 class can officially say they are graduates and can now start their post-high school careers. Good Luck, Class of 2014!


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