Cupcake wars


The winners of the cupcake war Luisa Lehmann, Jonh Beadell, Cassie Hager and Jessica VonRuden

Not everyone has heard of the TV show “Cupcake Wars,” but Mrs. Pittman’s Foods II Baking and Pastry class has. With the class in its cake unit, the TV show had some influence on the fun and friendly competition. The point of this activity was to teach the importance of garnishing, plating, executing themes and creativity by adding secret ingredients. Senior Brandon Lyman said his favorite part was, “Decorating the cupcakes.”

This wasn’t just a war. It was a competition. Mrs. Pittman’s class had three judges Mr. Tornell, Ms. Durst and Mrs. Langlois. The judges scored each group on flavor of both the cupcake and the frosting, use of secret ingredients, display of the cupcakes, garnishing and decoration. Durst said, “It was fun to see all the creativity, the ideas and to taste the cupcakes.” Even though every group came up with an original design, each design had to be Homecoming themed. Congratulations to Luisa Lehmann, Jonh Beadell, Cassie Hager and Jessica VonRuden for winning this cupcake war. Beadell said, “My favorite part was making the cupcakes.”

The competition was possible through the newly created curriculum by the FACS department. The purpose of the change was to better align with the culinary school’s curriculum for students choosing careers in the culinary field. When the FACS department was revamped, both the names and the curriculum of the foods classes were changed. Food I: Foundations focuses on basic food and nutrition information. Foods II: Baking and Pastry and Foods III: Culinary focus more on the cooking fundamentals.

Culinary Club is an extracurricular activity offered to students with an interest in the culinary arts. Mrs. Pittman said, “Culinary Club’s focus this year will be on preparing students to participate in a state wide culinary competition.” If interested in the culinary field, or go see any of the FACS teachers for more information