Starting to walk together


Magnet Staff

Students holding a poster

After the events of Monday, Feb. 11, the students of OHS decided to speak out their view on student relations and feelings of discrimination at OHS. A student-organized walkout took place on Friday, Feb. 15. It is unknown who organized this, but the event was spread through social media. Students stood on the front steps of the school proudly displaying posters and speaking of change. Their message was to promote equality and end harassment in the school. In addition to the students, superintendent Mr. Jeff Elstad came outside. He did not speak to the students as a whole, but he did talk to a few students individually.

We’re like everyone else in this school, we’re all human.

— Roda Aden

The group of students walked out the main doors at 11:07 a.m. and walked down to the bottom of the stairs to the sidewalk. Students showed posters promoting equality and calling for an end to hate in the school. Senior Nyagach Thuok said, “It’s finally time to make a change. This should have been dealt with when it was known that there were racial problems. This has been the tipping point. I feel like now is the time to get things done.” Students are asking to be treated fairly by their peers. Sophomore Roda Aden said, “We’re like everyone else in this school, we’re all human.”

Student safety has been at the forefront of concern. Standing at the steps of OHS, the intimate group of students huddled for warmth as they talked of change. Freshman Dreah Jones said, “I feel like it was so wrong, what the people were saying and how it affected everybody.” Students want to feel safe at school, but that cannot come without the student body converging. Senior David Keller and student council member addressed the group saying, “Our ideal here is for harmony. We want harmony. This isn’t black vs. white, this is black and white coming together to be one.” Students went inside after approximately 20 minutes.