Envision your future

Logan Norrid, Writer

Assistant Principal Mr. Wiken grew up in Minneapolis surrounded by art. At Minneapolis South, where Mr. Wiken attended high school, they would have graffiti everywhere. There would be murals in hallways, outside of the building and even the football field had murals. He said, “I even had the chance to paint the bathroom stalls in one of my art classes.” Growing up surrounded by these murals inspired his dream for the future. Mr. Wiken went to college and majored in art, he then owned a graphic design and art business for a few years before getting into teaching. His passion for art inspired the mural at OHS.

Career pathways is a big focus for the staff this year, Principal  Mr. Kory Kath, Mr. Brian Coleman and Mr. Wiken all came together to come up with quotes that are tied in with the career pathways and what they mean to the staff. They came up with the quote “Envision your future.” They chose this quote because they want students to have an idea of what they want to do before they graduate. OHS offers many classes that tie into certain careers, students can use this as an opportunity to figure out what they do and don’t enjoy. Junior Layla Borchert said, “I think the mural means the future of the students. The hard work we put in will contribute to our future.”

Envision your future mural outside of C-plaza painted by Mr. Wiken. (Logan Norrid)

Right now, the mural outside of the lower C-plaza is not complete. Mr. Wiken said, “So right now the central word says ‘Future’ and ‘Envision your…’ is supposed to be up high, but you know school started and I ran out of time.” Mr. Wiken plans to complete the mural on one of the compass Wednesdays. He said, “I have the sketch done, it’s just finding the time.” 

When choosing the placement for this mural they saw the once blank wall as an opportunity to create. Mr Wiken said, “C-plaza is kind of like the heart of the school because everyone has to go through there.” Borchert believes that the mural is a great touch to C-plaza and that it brings spirit into a once dull space. Borchert said, “It makes me feel motivated and excited for what is to come in the future.”