Developing for a big splash


Richard Ong

Sophomore Ben Stelter slashing through the water

The OHS Boys Swimming and Diving season has begun. Starting off the season 0-2, against some very tough schools, the Huskies are looking to bounce back with some wins. Junior captain Windham Anez said, “There are many responsibilities like organizing and guiding new swimmers. My biggest hope for this season is to give our new swimmers a strong foundation to allow them to have a successful swimming season.” The Huskies are looking to build and improve for upcoming years as well. Head Coach Sam Hager said, “No high hopes- 30 kids on team and 19 are new to program. We have 11 seventh graders. We’re going to try to keep it fun to keep them coming back. Short practices.” With the young team, they’re looking more to better themselves and the team than focusing on high expectations. Support the team Thurs. Jan. 14 at Austin High School.