Appreciation week wrap up

Many staff positions at OHS are often overlooked, such as the Lunch Staff, the Custodians, and the Security Officers. As a Magnet staff, we set out to recognize their work, and show that it does not go unnoticed.

OHS Lunch Staff
RIchard Ong
OHS Lunch Staff

On Monday, we recognized the Lunch Staff. The Lunch Staff does much more than just serve lunch to our immense student body. They work tirelessly at preparing the morning breakfast, carefully monitoring all of their culinary assignments. Only after they finish serving breakfast can they later focus on the snack bar, that sits in the senior commons just after first period, and lunch. The Lunch Staff has been a vital part in the nourishment and growth of all of the students of OHS. Thank you to all of the OHS Lunch Staff for their conscious effort to keep us well fed!

On Wednesday, we recognized the Custodians and the Security Officers. As previously mentioned, the never ending work of the Custodians is greatly appreciated. They are crucial in keeping our school clean, as well as performing various maintenance tasks that require a variety of mechanical skills. Through their mostly behind the scene actions, the Custodians hold the school together. Thank you to all of the OHS Custodians for your neverending work to keep our school clean and functioning.  The Security Officers play an essential role in keeping the all the students and staff at OHS safe and at peace. Their job changes on a day to day basis, based on the challenges that each day brings. Luckily, we rarely have to see them in action, where there greatest challenge is breaking up the occasional fight or solving a small verbal dispute. With them they spread a feeling of safety and security, making the students of OHS feel protected from any potential danger. Thank you to all the members of the Security Officers for their protection and alertness.

office workers ms. Pat Wall, Ms. Shannon DeWitz, Ms. Cheryl Summer, Ms. Barb Bergwall, and Ms. Jan Thurber
Sam Hylle
office workers ms. Pat Wall, Ms. Shannon DeWitz, Ms. Cheryl Summer, Ms. Barb Bergwall, and Ms. Jan Thurber

On Thursday,  we recognized the Reception, Secretarial, Counseling, and Nursing staff. These positions are all key roles in the OHS staff. The Reception and Secretarial staff works flawlessly at making sure students are on time to their classes, as well as being where they are supposed to be. The Counseling staff has a very tedious task of balancing the schedules of all the students of OHS. Being certain that all the students are in the appropriate classes is crucial to their academic development. The Nursing staff not only provides a safe area for students to regain their health, but a place for students to share what has been on their mind. The Nursing staff focuses beyond what is asked of them as nurses and centers their focus around how they can help each student. Thank you to all of the members of the Reception, Secretarial, Counseling, and Nursing staff.


Friday, we recognized the Teaching staff. The Teaching staff is the most wide ranging staff in the OHS. They are committed to meeting us wherever we may be in our educational journey. They work much longer than what’s required of them, in order to provide the students of OHS with a top level academic experience. Thank you to the entire Teaching staff for their dedication to their job.

And today, we will recognize the Administration. The Administration works to keep our school safe. They make difficult short and long term decisions that are all focused around improving our learning environment. Thank you to Mr. Randall, Ms. Adams, Mr. Miller and Mr. Swanson for making the difficult decisions and for keeping our school safe.
Without these vital positions that keep the OHS running like a well oiled machine, our school would certainly fall apart. Thank you for your solid work and dedication, and for your tireless efforts.